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Arms Of Angels
Guidance Through Grief
The Kids Room

At Arms of Angels our mission is "guiding families through grief".

Whole Family Grief Counseling Program

We provide counseling sessions in a safe, calm setting where families remember their loved ones, talk about their feelings and support each other in a time of great stress and sadness. Arms of Angels is the only no-cost service for families where the counselors work with one family at a time for 6 sessions. Our goal is to provide them with the skills they need to help each other after they leave our program and continue their lives together. We want these families to have the bright, hopeful futures that we all deserve and desire, and that their loved ones - present or not - would wish for them as well. Arms of Angels provides these services at no cost to families without enough income or insurance coverage to get help on their own. Donors and sponsors are always needed, please contact us if you wish to contribute or volunteer.